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What happens when I order items on the Best Home Systems web site?

What happens when I provide my credit card information?

Does BHS share or sell any of my information - personal or otherwise?

Does BHS retain my credit card or personal information?

Can I order over the telephone or via mail?

Can I find out how much shipping will cost without providing my personal information?

Why does BHS want my email address?

How long will my order take to get to me?

Does BHS have stock?

Is BHS able to ship faster than “standard ground”?

Does BHS ship outside the USA?

Will BHS ship to a military APO?

What if I have additional questions?

General Order Processing
What happens when I order items on your web site?
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When you have selected your items and they are in the shopping cart and you have filled out your billing and shipping information, submitted it, and verified it - a page will appear that you can print or save electronically.  This is your invoice / receipt.  We also receive an automatic invoice indicating you have placed an order.  Basically this is treated as a request for us to check stock and communicate back to you if stock is available.  Additionally, at this point, your credit card has been approved for the transaction amount via a 3rd party credit card processing company.  Your credit card is not charged at this time.  We are able to check stock via our supplier’s computer system and therefore are able to ascertain stock information 24/7.  Therefore, you will be sent an email within 12 hours after placing your order informing you of stock availability and the status of your order. 

When we ascertain that the items you ordered are in stock, a purchase order is automatically sent to our supplier.  We also alert you via email that your order has been processed and we provide you with an anticipated ship date.  We try to be conservative with this estimate.  Shipping often occurs prior to the date provided.

If the items you ordered are not in stock, we will notify you via email of this condition and let you know the available options.  We will not process your order further until you tell us, via email, how you would like us to proceed.  If you accept a backorder condition, you will not hear from us until your order ships or 2 weeks passes whichever comes first.  If you provide us with a comment - in the comments area of your order - letting us know that a backorder condition is acceptable, your order will be processed without the additional communication via email.  When "Special Order" is listed in the item description, the part will most likely have to be backordered.

If your order requires adjustment, we will email you a new invoice for your review and acceptance.  When you notify us via email that you concur with the new invoice we will process your order further.

When your order ships, whether normally or after being placed on backorder, we provide you with the ship date and the tracking information when it becomes available.  This notification usually happens the day after shipping has occurred but sometimes it takes a day or two to process this information.

When you receive the tracking information, you can check the shipper's proposed arrival date via the internet.  Our suppliers usually ship via UPS but sometimes use other shippers as necessary.

When we receive the electronic invoice from our supplier indicating shipping has occurred, we begin the process of charging your credit card.  This can happen the same day or several days after shipping has occurred.

You can check the status of your order or print a copy of your invoice 24 hours a day 7 days a week by selecting the "Order Status" link in the header of our home page at  Input your invoice number and last name and you can see the most up to date information regarding your order status.

Credit Card Processing
What happens when I when I give you my credit card number?
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When you supply us with your credit card information via the web site or phone, your credit card number and billing information is sent via a secure connection to our 3rd party credit card processing company that we use as a merchant to approve the transaction and eventually charge your credit card.  This processing center either approves the transaction or denies it.  For the processing center to approve your transaction, the billing information you provide to us must match the billing information your credit card company has on file for you.  If there is a match, the processing center tells us that the transaction has been approved and that you have provided enough correct information to reasonably verify that you are indeed the credit card owner.  Your credit card has NOT been charged at this point - the transaction has only been approved.  When we receive confirmation from our supplier(s) that your order has shipped, we then request the credit card processing company to capture the transaction.  It is at this time that the funds begin the transfer process from your credit card company to our account.  This takes from 12 to 36 hours to occur.  This is the process of charging your credit card.

Handling and Retention of Information You Supply to Us
Do you share or sell any of my information - personal or otherwise?
Do you retain my credit card or personal information?
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Absolutely no information about you or your purchase is sold or given to a 3rd party except as required to process your order.  Your name and address remain in our accounting database for no more than one year.  We purge our database regularly.  Additionally, for your protection and ours, your credit card number and expiration date is only contained within our secure database for 2 months and is then deleted.  After you have received your order and the return period has passed, there is simply no reason for us to have your credit card information.  We do not engage in mailing lists or spam schemes of any kind.

Shipping Calculator
Can I find out how much shipping will cost without giving my personal information?
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Absolutely!  Our shopping cart contains a UPS shipping calculator.  Enter your items into the shipping cart using the button.  In the yellow box input your zip code.  Click the "Submit" button.  Now, select the "Select a Shipping Option" drop down button and select "Ground" or " 2-Day Air".  The shipping cost for the items you have selected to the zip code you have input will be displayed.  Remember, the zip code must be correct or the calculator will give you an inaccurate result.  We do not mark up shipping charges.

Use of Email Address
Why do you want my email address?
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Communication!  We believe that by keeping you informed with regard to the status of your order, it saves both of us time, money, and most importantly - frustration.  Therefore, we will communicate with you during every phase of getting your order from our suppliers to your front door.  We have had fantastic results from making communication with our customers a number one priority.  This is why it is important that you provide us with a good email address.  Things rarely go wrong, but when they do, it is nice to know that we are going to alert you good, bad, or indifferent.  And, we are going to keep you posted when everything is proceeding smoothly as well.  We do not want you wondering what happened to your order or when it might arrive.  We do not use your email address at any later date for any reason.  After you have received your order you will not hear from us again unless you contact us first.

Telephone & Mail Orders
Can I order over the telephone or via mail?
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Absolutely!  However, we encourage you to order via the web site because the information you provide is then automatically downloaded into our accounting system, thus eliminating the chance for errors that can occur from typo's and miscommunication.  Another positive point for web input is that your credit card is automatically approved via a secure connection.  Additionally, your order is then in our web order system (shopping cart) and information regarding your order status can be obtained via the "Order Status" link located in the header of our web site.  If you have special instructions, you may include them in the comments section of the order pages. Should something need to be communicated after you order - simply send us an email.

Should you want to make a telephone order, we will be happy to take your order over the phone at our toll free number.  After your order has been taken, we will send you an electronic invoice for your approval prior to processing your order.  This way we eliminate the possibility that there is a transcription error.  When you have had to opportunity to review the transaction and information, and you concur via email, we will process your order and ship the goods you ordered.  Mail-in orders are handled much the same way, except your order is held until payment has been received and cleared your banking institution, or arranged via a credit card approval.  You are sent an email stating such and your order is processed.  In either case, you may feel free to leave your name, credit card number, and expiration date on our answer machine.  It is secure. Our order processors are the only people that have access to our answer system and have been trained to know what to do with and how to treat your valuable information.

Delivery Times
How long will my order take to get to me?
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A large percentage of the time, ordered items are in stock and the order is shipped the same day ordered or the following business day.  Less frequently, orders ship 2 to 3 days following receipt.  Usually these orders are orders that require our communication with the customer to fix or resolve something to complete processing. Rarely do orders ship later than 5 days from receipt by us unless in a backorder status or special circumstances in which case you are alerted via email and will have the opportunity to have a say in your order’s activity.

We drop ship from a large supplier who has multiple warehouses across the USA.  If the items you ordered are in stock, the item could potentially be on your doorstep the next day.  This depends upon whether there is stock in a warehouse near you, which is often the case.  Our supplier strives to ship from the warehouse nearest your location that has stock.

Are you able to ship faster than “standard ground”?

We often receive requests for rush orders.  We make every effort to accommodate requests made in the comments section of the order form or by email.  We do not ship overnight.  2 day shipping requires special handling by us with our suppliers and can usually be arranged.  However, many items ship from the warehouse nearest your location and it is often quicker and less expensive to utilize ground shipping.  We will notify you via email if you request 2 day air and this condition applies to your order.

We will do everything possible to meet your requirements, and frequently it is possible to do so.  However, on occasion, things do not always work as planned.  If your life depends on your order being there tomorrow, we invite you to shop elsewhere.  We are not trying to be rude or abrasive - we are really quite friendly and easy to work with - but things sometimes go wrong.  It is not how we planned it - it just happens – rarely, but it happens.  For example: we did not plan for UPS to destroy an order 3 days after it shipped while being transferred from one hub to another.  Yes, this has happened.  The customer was not happy.  Neither were we. As soon as our supplier confirmed the condition, a new order was reshipped in its entirety at no charge to our customer.

Do you have it in stock?
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We are an authorized reseller for, and drop ship from, several nationwide suppliers.  If in the description of the item it says "Normally Stocked" there is a very high probability that our suppliers have the item available for immediate shipment.  If in the description of the item it says "Special Order" it is highly likely that the item will have to be backordered.

We have access to our supplier’s computers and can ascertain an inventory condition 24/7.

As soon as we have verified stock availability, we will send you an email indicating our findings.  Our order takers are not immediately able to verify stock via the telephone as the request must go through our on line stock verification process.  This can often be accomplished in a few minutes and one of our order processors will gladly call you back with that information.

Shipping outside the USA
Do you ship outside the USA?
Will you ship to a military APO?
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We do not ship outside the United States.  We do ship to Hawaii and Alaska via UPS 2 day air or the new UPS 5 day ground (additional shipping charges may apply).  We do ship to our military customers via an APO address.  Please click here to E-Mail us for special instructions regarding APO orders.

More Information
What if I have additional questions?
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If your question has not been answered feel free to click here to E-Mail uswith your questions and we will be happy to provide you with assistance.
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